myk suavillo

myk suavillo

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First Name * myk
Last Name * suavillo
Username * dragatomic
Country * United States
City Daly City
Nationality USA
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


General Artist in the game industry.

I specialize in almost every aspect of the art pipeline for videogames.

Character and Environment Modeling
Texturing, Maya Shader Networks, Unwrapping
Rigging and painting weights
MEL and Actionscripting
FX generation
UI and HUD Design and Implementation in Flash
Photoshop Illustration
Zbrush high poly sculpting
Compositing in After Effects

I want to help develop a fun game that people can enjoy. In the past I've worked on Purrpals for the Wii and Fantastic Four for the 360 and PS3 so I really want to work on a title that really provides an entertaining time for the consumers.

I enjoy working in teams and will cooperate with my teammates to make sure the development process goes smoothly.